November 2021 : Think Again | Adam Grant | Animated Book Summary

Think Again | Adam Grant | Animated Book Summary

Think Again (The Power of Knowing What You Don't Know) by Adam Grant

People find it fascinating when leaders have a clear vision and brim with conviction.

However, it seems that mental flexibility and the willingness to let go of bad ideas and false assumptions are much more important for long-term success than conviction.

Think Again by best-selling author and Wharton professor Adam Grant is a book about the power of re-thinking and unlearning.

The world around us is becoming more complex and changing rapidly. However, our ability to let go of old opinions and beliefs that no longer serve us has not evolved.

We often still cling to beliefs we formed ten or more years ago.

The book is packed with a lot of interesting studies, exciting stories, and enlightening ideas that cannot all be mentioned in this short summary.

Nevertheless, what I can do in this animated book summary is to introduce you to the 8 biggest ideas of the book and why they’re important for entrepreneurs and innovators.

– Contents of this video –
00:00 Intro to Think Again by Adam Grant: 8 Biggest Ideas For Entrepreneurs And Innovators
00:55 1) Think Like a Scientist
02:46 2) Beware of Mount Stupid (The Dunning-Kruger-Effect)
04:45 3) Foster Constructive Conflict (Build a Challenge Network)
06:42 4) Use Fewer Arguments
07:59 5) Let People Convince Themselves
09:11 Harry Potter Example of Motivational Interviewing
11:04 6) Embrace Complexity
12:16 7) Foster Iterative Approaches
13:21 8) Create Learning Cultures (Psychological Safety)
14:37 End (PDF Summary of The 10 Biggest Ideas)