Uge 44 2017: 10 theories of leadership, explaining their main differences

Leadership Theories Overview, Leadership Development, Management Development, Leadership Styles, Coaching, Mentoring
This 5-minute video gives a brief overview of 10 theories of leadership, explaining their main differences:
1. The Great Man Theory (Great Leaders are Born, not Made)
2. The Trait Theory of Leadership (Ideal Characteristics for Leaders)
3. The Skills Theory of Leadership (Ideal Technical, Personal and Conceptual Skills for Managers and Leaders)
4. The Style Theories of Leadership (e.g. Leadership Continuum, Managerial Grid)
5. The Situational Leadership Theory (There is no one-size-fits-all-model, the leader must adapt)
6. The Contingency Theory (There is no one-size-fits-all-model, choose an appropriate leader)
7. Transactional Leadership Theory (People follow leaders based on 'transactions' - a mix of rewards, incentives and punishments. A quid pro quo approach)
8. Transformational Leadership Theory (Leaders are gaining the commitment of their employees by inspiring, encouraging and caring for their followers)
9. Leader-Member Exchange Theory (similar to transactional theory, but stresses the presence of an ingroup and outgroup).
10. Servant Leadership Theory (The leader starts by idenfying the needs of the followers and views his own role as merely serving the followers).
By Professor Michael Zigarelli.