Uge 49 2015 : Self-talk and Why It Matters

In this video we include 10 lessons from 10 inspirational speakers who know the power of self-talk / affirmations from personal experience.
Though this video is primarily directed at people rather new to the subject of Affirmation and Law of Attraction, there's good information in here for anyone at all. It's always good to be reminded of why it's important.

List of the wonderful people in this video. (in order of appearance)

1. Brian Tracy
2. Mark Victor Hansen
3. Louise Hay
4. Marc Allen
5. Bob Proctor
6. Dave Yoho
7. Polet Bet-David
8. Lou Tice
9. Dr. Shad Helmstetter (w/ Pastor Tom Deuschle)
10. Ruben Gonzalez

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